Association Hurbanity


Association Hurbanity is a non-profit association, governed by its statutes and by the Swiss Civil Code. It is politically neutral and independent.

The objective of the association is :

  • To act in the development sector, integrating solidarity housing and territorial planning in development actions ;
  • To increase the dialogue between professionals in the housing, development and human rights sectors, in order to promote an equitable economy and human rights through integrated housing projects ;
  • To support vulnerable populations, who have no or limited access to decent housing finance ;
  • To carry out all necessary actions to achieve the other objectives of the association.

Generate, through dignified and sustainable housing projects, processes of change at the local scale, improving communities’ quality of life significantly.

The primary function of the Association Hurbanity, headquartered in Switzerland, is to create synergies between various actors and communities. While acting for the right to land, the association facilitates the implementation of mechanisms that make obtaining land possible, in order to develop solidary housing projects; based on participative construction and project management methods.
The technical knowledge of professionals and national experts combined with critical local knowledge are vital factors in developing projects while taking into account the particularities of each case.
Meanwhile, Hurbanity BIC SA, headquartered in Colombia, works for the right to dignified housing. It manages construction processes and social actions which ensure the sustainability of projects, and strengthen community transformation processes

To this end, Hurbanity offers three service options. We play a different role in each, and the individual concrete goals and objectives are well defined:

The first offer is a strategic community accompaniment by the association

Hurbanity will learn and recognize the complexity of each collective and community process as we initiate change. The first step is analyzing the needs of the region. Obtaining a comprehension of the legal requirements associated with the land transfer to the community is fundamental in this phase. Then, we ensure that the role of the people is requisite in the consolidation process, securing the community as a critical player in the project. As a result, they will be an active participant in each of its phases.

Thus, the fundamental objective of this offer is the appropriation of the project by the different actors.

For the second offer, Hurbanity’s role is that of a real estate developer

This offer is associated with the construction process, as well as the sales and allocation of housing for a population in a vulnerable economic or social situation. Here, Hurbanity’s role is that of a real estate developer. Using the tools of real estate development and the mutual aid cooperative housing model, we seek to generate a sustainable real estate project through a multidimensional perspective. In short, we guarantee access to dignified housing through financial schemes based on the solidarity of the economy.

The third offer consists in accompanying the different productive projects

During this phase, Hurbanity acts as a developer of local entrepreneurial initiatives that allow residents to pay for their housing and generate income to live with dignity with their families. This is how housing projects become sustainable in the medium and long term.

The aim of this offer is to promote the financial stability of all participants involved in the project.

Would you like to support the association?

Free donation:
A free donation allows our association to finance the activities that are most in need: a community accompaniment project that does not have sufficient funds from donors, projects in Switzerland to raise awareness and inform the public, ensure the functioning of our organization in a sustainable way. It is this type of donation that allows us the most flexibility in fulfilling our mission.

Membership fee:
To become a member of our association, which gives you the right to vote in the general assembly, you can pay an annual fee of 60 CHF. You can also become a benefactor member, which allows you to support the association symbolically, without having the right to vote at the general assembly. The membership fee counts for one calendar year and is not tax-deductible.

It is possible to combine several donations in one payment: simply indicate several reasons.
Example: Membership 60 CHF + free donation

Association Hurbanity is an independent, non-profit swiss association and is recognized as a public utility.
Your donation is, therefore, tax-deductible.
You will receive a certificate for the donation(s) made during the fiscal period at the beginning of the following year.

You can donate directly to our bank account: 


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